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May. 27th, 2007 | 02:55 am
posted by: igiveyoumylife in lame_honesty

I check the medicine cabinets and bathroom shelves of any apartment that I visit. Yes, I'm checking for drugs, but I also want to see what mental illnesses you may have, if you have Immodium, evidence of an eating disorder, how fucking vain you are with your all your toiletrees, and how dirty your bath tub is.

If you invite me over your house, I judge you solely by the condition of and by whatever I find in... your bathroom.


I will also swipe any fruity smelling unopened glycerin soaps. If you're a frequent shopper at Bath & Body Works, you're on notice.


I also stole the icon for this post and know who made it but won't give credit because they list "tanning" and "hello kitty" as two of their interests.


In public, I pause in front of almost all reflective surfaces, mostly to check on how big my ass looks.

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