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As lame as we wanna be
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This is a community for mocking people who aren't really brutal in their honesty.

Open our eyes and humor us with your lame confessions!

Required guidelines:

1. Be over 18 and list your date of birth in your user info.
2. It's fine to mock, but I'm not above throwing people out for being assholes.
3. Do not screen comments or freeze threads.
4. Do not delete posts or comments, or I'll kick your ass out.
5. It's fine to post pictures, but pornography is a no-no.
6. If you can't take any "joke", leave on your own.
7. This community is not for advices, go to just_ask or ask_me_anything.
8. Do not post about other posts or other members. These will be deleted by mod.
9. Keep legal liabiliaty and L.J. TOS in mind when posting/commenting.
10. FEEL FREE to post whatever you think is lame!!
11. Drama happens.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the community, please contact your moderator _vanityfair at _vanityfair@livejournal.com.